Do you have a fire in your belly for eye-catching effects? Now you can unleash unrestricted creative bold statements, pieces of art, delicate sparkles, traditional motifs and opulent noble hallmarks. Discover how straightforward and fast the industrial production of shiny, resistant and colourful machine embroideries can be with the new, easy-to-use CR Metallic threads.

Experience your "aha!" moment

Do metallic embroidery threads that are easy to embroider sound too good to be true? Take the chance to see it for yourself.

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The metallic elements in designs don’t have to be difficult to embroider, don’t have to lose their brilliance over time or during washing and don’t have to lack certifications. Relax! With CR you won’t need to restrict your creativity with such limitations. Discover how CR keeps things simple for you and why it will change what you thought you knew about using metallic threads.

CR does the hard work!

Embroidering with CR threads is truly easy and no special knowledge about metallic threads is required. No additional adjustments of the machines are needed when coming from standard Madeira threads of the same weights.

Your creativity will bloom and spark

There is plenty of room for creativity with the 42 exquisite metallic colours of CR 40 and 16 shades of the thicker version in weight 20. Distinctive nuances of gold and silver are also included.

CR has a beauty that lasts

The CR Metallic threads are robust. They provide superior resistance to oxidation and abrasion. Many of the colours can be washed up to 95 °C and bleaching agents are allowed for all of them.

Shine for everyone

The CR Metallic threads for industrial embroidery machines and decorative sewing are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, product class I, and are thus suitable even for babywear.

The range of CR Metallic threads


All-rounder CR 40 Metallic


If you have worked previously with metallic threads and found it difficult, you will be surprised. If you are a beginner, don’t be afraid to start. Using CR Metallic 40 is as easy as working withPolyneon 40 or Classic 40. 

Try it! Adding a true metallic look to designs is simple when using CR 40.




Thick thread CR 20 Metallic


If you are already familiar with other thick threads, such as Burmilana 12, you can immediately start using CR Metallic 20 in a similar way. It works great by itself, as well as combined with other types of yarns.

Create opulent shapes and bold contrasts in rich sparkling colours with CR 20.

Useful resources at a glance

Watch now CR 40 at work

Free designs to test CR Metallic

To test CR Metallic, alone or in combination with other threads, we offer you free designs for download. They have different grades of difficulty, so you can choose what fits best to your requirements and needs.

Note: Due to copyright, these designs are not intended to be used in any other way. In particular, it is not allowed to repost the .dst files or to sell them, nor to commercialise the embroideries made using these examples.

Creativity Splash 3D embroidery

A test design for specialists who would enjoy mixing threads and adding volume with Bodybuilder.

You can consult the tutorial "How to create 3D embroidery with Bodybuilder" to see more tips for creating effects with foam.

Download the test file


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