Needles for embroidery machines

Needles for single and multi-head embroidery machines differ in the needle system (geometry), the needle tip and the needle size. In turn, selecting the appropriate needle depends on the type of embroidery machine, the material to be embroidered, the size of the motif, the thread and the thickness of the material. The use of a suitable embroidery needle not only reduces the amount of work and increases productivity, but can also save money. Therefore, we  provide you with only high quality, state-of-the art embroidery needles to help you achieve the embroidery results you desire.

Two needle systems to choose from

Needle system DBxK5

The choice of needle system depends on your embroidery machine. The stable, round-piston DBxK5 needles were specially developed for industrial single and multi-head embroidery machines.

Needle system 130/705 H

The easy-to-handle flat piston needles have proven their worth when used on semi-professional single-head embroidery machines from Brother PR.

How to find the right needle tip

The choice of needle tip depends on the fabric to be embroidered. The tip should not damage the fabric and its fibres but should still be able to get through the material easily without breaking. As a rule of thumb: the denser and firmer the fabric, the more "pointed" (less round) the needle tip should be.

The right needle size for your desired embroidery results

The size of the design, the thread and the material density determine the choice of the needle size. The information about the size is metric and is shown in 1/100. A needle with a needle size of 65 therefore measures 0.65 mm in diameter at its thickest point. 65 to 75 needles can be used as a standard all-rounder or solution for the majority of applications. The finer the fabric and the smaller and more detailed the motif to be embroidered, the finer the needle should be. It is always advisable to choose the smallest needle possible.

Available needle sizes for DBxK5 systems

Available needle sizes for 130/705H systems

Medium ball point

Nm 75/11 - Nm 90/14 - 100/16

Round tip with small ball point

Borther 130/705H - 65/9

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Download the needle selector to get our recommendations on needle systems and sizes for all available Maderia threads at a glance.


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Special application needles (SAN®)

SAN® needles (special application needles) are particularly stable and need to be replaced less frequently than standard needles. For embroidery machines, we offer the SAN1® from Groz-Beckert (a needle with a particularly stable needle shaft geometry for foam materials and cap embroidery) and the SAN8® (needle with an enlarged eye). The special titanium nitride coating (GEBEDUR®) offers increased wear and tip protection.

Replace damaged needles

An embroidery needle should be changed after about 8 hours of work. Excessive abrassion can cause material damage and thread breakage. Special application needles can be used longer thanks to their special coating.

How to set embroidery needles

It is very important to always set the needle correctly. Using a magnet positioned on the tip of the needle can help. You'll find a groove on the needle for orientation. This groove should face the front with 5 degrees to the right so the looper can easily grab the thread.