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With many options available, choosing the right stabiliser for your project may seem like a difficult task - but with our selector it can be quite simple. Our interactive version now makes choosing the right product easier than ever.

1. Click on the green ‚Filter‘ button.

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Please note that the stabilisers shown in the search results represent the Madeira HQ range.

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41 Ergebnisse


textile weight lightweight: < 150g/sqm; tshirts polos, light active wear
textile weight medium: 150g/sqm - 350g/sqm; blazer, sweater, cardigans, pants
textile weight heavy: > 350g/sqm; workwear, denim, bags, badges
textile properties stretchable: refers to textiles made from knitwear or woven fabric with lycra like tshirts, knit sweaters or pants
textile properties non-stretchable: refers to textiles made from woven fabrics like blouses, blazers, dresses, workwear or bags
wash at/ dryer compatible/ iron at not relevant: refers to our tear-away backings as well as water-soluble or heat-soluble toppings wich are removed after the embroidery process is finished and thus doesn't play a relevant factor in the care of the garment
  products marked with a green star in the top right corner are Madeira recommendations; these products are our customer's favourites and/ or especially eco-friendly

The Easy-Going Pen with 100% recycled Madeira threads

Even the most efficient processes create some waste. But as we don’t want to throw away our beautiful embroidery threads, we’ve decided to give them a second life. This second edition of the Madeira thread pen is now 100 % upcycled from Madeira production waste and is ready to serve you for a very long time.

For more information, please visit: 


Embroidered face masks for basic protection

In these special times, face masks for basic protection are more needed than ever. Beyond their protective properties, these masks are fast becoming the latest fashion trend. So no matter whether you use them for protection or decorative reasons - our embroidered face masks protect and are easy to make.

We have created an embroidery file for you, with which you can easily make your face mask yourself on your embroidery machine. The protection is suitable for personal use, the immediate environment and for non-medical customers.

Download the basic dst-file






Inspiration for your face mask design

Not only do face masks protect your fellow human beings, they can also be a fashionable statement piece. Why not decorate your face mask with a nice hipster moustache or funny cat whiskers? An individual design can also help you to differentiate your mask from those of your family members.

How it is done - Step-by-step instructions for your embroidered face mask

Step 1

Fit a thin tear-away backing (e.g. CMX 35g) in a sufficiently large frame

Step 2

Place a double layer of smoothed-out cut-away backing (Web, Weblon, PES 40g soft) on top and start the embroidery program (needles 1 and 2). Please do NOT use any adhesive spray to connect the backings so breathability can be ensured

Step 3

After needle 3 (auxiliary stitch), ensure that the machine stops automatically. If necessary, stop the machine manually

Step 4

Tear away the left half of the mask along the contours and place it exactly over the right side (satin stitches must lie exactly on top of each other)

Step 5

Restart the machine and fasten the mask halves together along the centre seam (needle 4)

Step 6

Take the mask out of the frame, remove the remaining tear-away backing and cut out the mask along the running stitch seam

Step 7

A band to fasten the mask can now be threaded into the passages on the right and left

Step 8

Done :-)

Care instructions

The masks measure 240 x 140 mm and are washable up to 60 °C (or 40 °C, if necessary, with the addition of a disinfectant). Please note the washing instructions for the backings and fabrics.

Simple masks provide an effective containment of the aerosol cloud when speaking, sneezing etc. and thus help to protect your fellow human beings.

The masks do NOT protect against infection with the Corona Sars-CoV-2 Virus.

If you want to use a design for medical or certified masks, please clarify the material requirements with the client. 

Rights of use

Are you already a Madeira customer? Great! You will receive usage rights for the mask designs free of charge.

Not a Madeira customer yet? Check out our assortment of high-quality embroidery supplies.

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