E-ZEE Green Cut for a 100% sustainable embroidery

The fashion industry is becoming more environmentally aware and every small change towards sustainability counts. E-ZEE Green Cut is our responsibly produced, cut-away backing made from 100% recycled polyester. Together with Madeira Polyneon Green and Polyneon Green bobbin thread (coming soon), we make it possible for you to create a 100% sustainably produced, premium embroidery. When plastics are reused and transformed into new products, additional waste is avoided and less energy is consumed than in the production of conventional polyester. This marks an important step for Madeira in supporting a circular economy.

Quick facts


Cut-away backing


Made from 100% recycled polyester


Available in 45 g/m2 and 80 g/m2

Make up

Pre-cut rolls in 20, 30 and 100 cm

Fitting features

The sustainable E-ZEE Green Cut backing is available in two weights of 80 g/m2 and 45 g/m2. The heavier E-ZEE Green Cut 80 offers excellent stabilisation for thick fabrics with large designs, while E-ZEE Green Cut 45 is thinner and more flexible, with the ability to stabilise in all directions. Due to the non-stretch feature, these backings will not slip on the embroidery frame.

E-ZEE Green Cut also comes in convenient rolls of 20, 30 and 100 cm widths to avoid waste and time when cutting to fit. The larger 100 cm roll is suitable for larger designs, while the smaller rolls are ideal for daily use as they fit standard embroidery frames, from 9.5-19.5 cm (20 cm width) and 21.5-24 cm (30 cm width).

E-ZEE Green Cut supports more than your embroidery

Responsibly produced

E-ZEE Green Cut is manufactured using post-consumer PET bottles:

  1. Collected PET bottles are cleaned and prepared for further processing.

2. + 3. The bottles are shredded into flakes, formed into chips and melted to a liquid.

4. + 5. The melt is spun out through a nozzle with hot air and transformed into wafer-thin filaments which are blown onto a conveyor belt at high speed to form a web.

6. This process creates the nonwoven sustainable embroidery backing.



The E-ZEE Green Cut backing is tested and certified according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, product class I, Annex 6.

Product class I has very strict test parameters and guarantees that the backings are fit for use on textile articles for babies and toddlers.

Annex 6 is a voluntary additional test with tightened limit values for various substances and ensures no ecologically harmful chemicals are used.

Download certificate.

Versatile options

The versatility of E-ZEE Green Cut means there’s an option to suit various fabrics, even the more challenging materials such as workwear, heavy knitwear and stretchy textiles. The purpose of a stabiliser is to prevent the fabric moving during the embroidery process. When choosing a backing, it depends on the fabric and embroidery size, for example, thick fabrics with large motifs and stretchy textiles can move easily and require more stabilisation. 

E-ZEE Green Cut 45

This thinner backing is ideal for light, stretchy fabrics and medium-heavy elastic woven fabrics which can distort easily when embroidered and therefore require more stabilisation. E-ZEE Green Cut 45 can be used for softshell jackets, hiking trousers, light woven shirts, blouses, business dresses, knitted pullovers, cardigans and sweatshirts.

E-ZEE Green Cut 80

A thick and stable backing that’s perfect when embroidering onto medium to heavy fabrics that are woven or stretchy woven, such as suits, jackets, work overalls, denim or bags.


Hoop-sized sustainability

E-ZEE Green Cut comes in convenient rolls of 20, 30 and 100 cm width. The two smaller rolls optimally support day-to-day work as they fit most standard embroidery frames from 95 mm to 195 mm (20 cm width) and from 215 mm to 240 mm (30 cm width). This additional benefit avoids waste and time-consuming cutting to fit.

Art.no: 052GRC
cut-away backing
black and white
20cm, 30cm, 100cm width on 100 metre rolls
45g/m2, 80g/m2
(we are requesting this information because we work exclusively with commercial businesses)

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