How to use Avalon water-soluble embroidery toppings

Welcome to our new tutorial. This time, we show you how to use wash-away embroidery topics to achieve sharp outlines and clean details on high-pile textiles.

Avalon wash-away film

Wash-away films like Avalon help you get great embroidery results on terry, coarse knitwear, stretchy piquet and other long-pile fabrics.

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Step by step guide: how to use Madeira Avalon wash-away film

What you need: Backing, fabric/garment, wash-away topping, hoop, spray gun, clean cloth

Cut a piece of Avalon

To use the film during the emboidery process, first cut a piece large enough to be hooped with the selected frame.

Place the hoop

Place the underside of the hoop on the table, position the backing, textile and Avalon and close the hoop. You can also place Avalon after hooping and simply smooth it over the top of the fabric.

Check your setup

Check that everything is hooped correctly and the wash-away film is lying flat on the textile.

Start the embroidery

Now start the embroidery as you would normally do without any changes. The topping will hold down loops of fabric or piles of terry.

Remove film

Once out of the machine, first gently tear away the excess film with your fingers.

Clean up the design

To remove any remaining pieces of film inside the embroidery, moisten the embroidery using the spray gun, then dab the foil with a clean cloth or sponge. You can also use a leftover piece of film. Press it onto the damp embroidery, wait a few seconds, and then tear it away.

Important information for use

The garment‘s first wash will dissolve all excess film. Place aside to dry and do not pile up embroidered garments. 
Tip: You could also put a moistened cloth on top of the embroidery and iron it dry. The film will be absorbed into the cloth.

To download the Avalon data sheet, visit our download section.