Embroidery toppings and speciality materials

Voluminous materials can be quite a challenge to embroider. Fortunately, someone invented toppings. Even if it wasn't us, we offer a selection of water-soluble embroidery toppings to help you create great designs with stitches that don't fall into the fabric. They prevent intricate parts of the design from sinking into the fabric, avoid the fabric's colour shining through and can easily be washed away with water, leaving no residue on the embroidery.

Our selection of speciality materials for embroidery covers 3D foams, soft inlays and adhesive films to fix all sorts of badges and patches. Foams are a great solution to create great looking designs on caps or bags while comfort-wear inlays cover the embroidery backing and are soft on the skin.

Water-soluble films for embroidery

Stabilisers to disappear without a trace

We offer a quality selection of water-activated toppings that prevent the intricate parts of a design from sinking into the nap or pile of a fabric - such as knitwear, towelling or fleece - and getting lost. Toppings are also a suitable solution as a second stabiliser during the process of embroidering stretchy active wear and are washed away afterwards.

Depending on the Madeira subsidiary or distribution partner you work with, different brands (e.g. Avalon in Europe and E-ZEE Aqua® Supreme in the US) and a portfolio adapted to your local needs will be available.

Check out your local partner for more information

How do I remove the foil?

Simply tear away the film close to the embroidery. The rest will be completely removed when washed for the first time. If you need to remove the topping immediately, use a damp cloth to moisten the topping. Iron briefly to dry. Don't superpose humid parts of the embroidery when the foil is not entirely removed.

Storage of water-soluble toppings

Protect from any kind of humidity or water and store in a dark and dry place. To avoid any drying out effects, we recommend putting the rolls back into the transport packaging directly after use.

Topping films help embroidery keep its shape

Terry hotel laundry

With the right wash-away topping, you can realise high-quality embroidery with your design's crisp lines and bright colours. The topping is easily removed by moistening it with a wet cloth. Small remainders under the fabric disappear during washing.

Flat surfaces on voluminous fabrics

When stabilised with a film topping, you can embroider great button-style emblems on voluminous fabrics without the risk of the yarn and fabric interfering with one another. In this way, the embroidery is like a brand stamp on the garment.

Materials to make embroidery versastile and convenient

Fusible soft inlay for embroidery

The bi-elastic soft embroidery inlay is purpose build to cover the entire back of your embroidery and is particularly smooth on the skin. Simply fix by ironing with a heat press. The bonding is re-activated every time you iron the garment, making it long-lasting and safe.

Adhesive film to fix embroidery on garments

Patches and badges are great to embroider and a very up-to-date embellishment for many garments. All you need to fix it is a reliable adhesive film. Both sides are heatable separatly, first fix the embroidery and then the patch to the garment.

3D Foam to give your embroidery design creative shape

3D elements can make your design unique and outstanding. Shape highlights into your design by placing the bodybuilder pre-cut material on your design, cover it with stitches as programmed and simply remove it thanks to its great preforation characteristics even from smaller letterings. For bodybuilder embroidery files, please contact our customer service!