How to use Heat Seal adhesive film to fix embroidery badges?

Permanently fixing an embroidered badge or emblem onto a fabric is for many embroideres a daily business. However the job must be done correctly to make sure that the seal keeps as long as the garment, hat or cap is used by your customer. So always look for a strong adhesive that is not loosing it's properties over time and make sure it's safe to use for you and your customer, e.g. easy to handle.

E-ZEE Heat-Seal

Heat Seal is a highly bondable thermoplastic adhesive film used to permanently bond all types of patches and badges to garments or caps. Made from 100% copolyamide, it durable bonds on many materials such as acetate, silk, cotton, rayon or wool. Suitable for dry cleaning and washable up to  40°C.

Our expert tip: The glue is reactivated each time it is ironed.

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Step by step guide how to use Madeira Heat Seal

What you need: Heat Seal fusible adhesive film, iron, scissors, clean cloth

Placing the materials

Place the embroidery face down on a sheet of baking or wax paper. Place a piece of Heat Seal face down on the back of the embroidery/badge, ensuring that the release paper remains on top to protect the iron and avoid sticking.

Iron carefully

Iron with low pressure for 5 seconds at 2 points (without steam) on the release paper side to activate the glue and pre-bond the film on the badge.

Remove remaining film

Immediately afterwards, remove excess film so that it accurately covers the back of the embroidery.

Place the badge on the fabric

Peel off the release paper and position the back of the embroidery onto the garment where you want to fix the badge.

Pre-Fix onto garment

Put a clean cloth over the badge and press with your fingers to fix the badge to the garment.

Final fixing

Turn the garment inside out, taking care not to detach the badge as it is not yet completely fixed. Iron at 2 points, no steam, pressing hard for 15 to 20 seconds from the fabric side.

Wait 48 hours before use until full adhesive force is reached!

Important information for use

- Bonding conditions can vary depending on machinery and fabrics
- Always run tests to establish your best individual settings
- Ensure that the fabric can withstand the ironing temperatures
- Heating above 160 °C for more than 30 seconds might harm the materials

To download the Heat-Seal data sheet visit our toppings section