Outstanding embroideries with colours, textures and sheen

Sure, you know how to handle your standard 40 viscose and polyester embroidery threads. But have you ever considered going beyond the ordinary and creating extraordinary designs by using speciality and effect threads? We recommend you give it a try, and have prepared a comprehensive portfolio of speciality threads designed for performance on your professional embroidery machine.

To shine or not to shine?

Viscose, polyester and metallic threads are appreciated for their unique shine and look. However, to value them even more, we have machine embroidery threads to support their beauty by creating contrasts and their own style at the same time. FROSTED MATT is a matte-finish thread that does not reflect the light, which gives this thread an unrivalled look and makes your design a real eye-catcher. Alternatively, you can go completely in the opposite direction by using a transparent or glow-in-the-dark thread.

Speciality embroidery threads for professional machines

Transparent thread - MONOLON

transparent speciality embroidery thread cone detail

Transparent speciality thread for extraordinary embroidery ideas, such as thread mix applications and highlighting. Can also be used for filigree effects not realisable by using full colour threads. Also suitable for invisibly attaching LEDs or sequins.

Art. No. 801
dtex 66 / den 60

Glow-in-the-dark thread - LUNA

Glow-in-the-dark thread cone detail

Make your embroidery shine with this glow-in-the-dark effect thread that stores light, emitting it in the dark with a greenish glow. Suitable for denim wash, dryer and chlorine, this 40-weight thread is soft on the skin.

Art. No. 996
dtex 150x2 / den 135x2
75/11 - 80/12

Beautiful matte-effect embroidery with Frosted Matt thread

FROSTED MATT provides the world's first truly matte and lightfast embroidery thread. Produced using exclusive dyeing techniques, ensuring colours are intense, extremely lightfast and bleach resistant. Popular across all market sectors from promotional and logos to sportswear, functional clothing and fashion. 

  • Available in 189 stunning colours
  • Proved to automotive lightfastness standards in the highest category (Grade 8). Tested for hundreds of hours under intense Xenon light
  • Bleach and chlorine resistant, can be laundered up to 60°C
  • High definition and with a distinctive finish
  • Colours remain and don't fade!

Matte-effect embroidery thread applications

Enlarge the creative scope of your designs with matte-effect highlights, increased contrast by mixing matte thread with standard threads, 3D-like looks or vintage styles. Perfect for small lettering, as the non-matte surface makes writing clearer and easy to read. A creative jack-of-all-trades.

How to get best results with Frosted Matt

A dtex 90x2 Frosted Matt 40 covers differently compared to a normal weight 40 thread with dtex 135x2. Consider increasing the stitch density when punching. This thread runs with standard 75/11 or 60/8 needles, which makes it suitable for thin fabrics with a minimised hole size to protect the fabric.

Speciality threads with beauty and brains

LUNA - Glow-in-the-dark embroidery thread

Light-storing embroidery thread that emits the light in the dark with a greenish glow. This with STANDARD 100 product class I by OEKO-TEX® certified thread is easy to process on professional embroidery machines and very resistant when used. Soft on the skin, it can be used to emphasise single parts of an embroidery design: for example, on outdoor garments, sportswear, children's clothes, or Halloween or carnival costumes.

MONOLON - Transparent monofilament thread

Originally developed as a technical thread to fix cords and sequins with an invisible thread, transparent embroidery thread is today also used as a speciality thread. Create highlights within a thread-mix design, or realise filigree embroideries where transparency is the eye catcher, providing a translucent effect. The dtex 66 thread for 65/9 needles is available in the "colours" transparent and smoke.