201915. April

THE METALLIC THREADS for trouble-free embroidery

Our newly developed game changer, the easy-to-use metallic thread CR, is ready to help!

201808. February

MADEIRA new stabilisers

Extension of the existing embroidery stabilisers program.In total there are 5 new stabilisers now available: 55g Weblon Plus, cut-away backing as a complementary weight class, 2 pre cuts and rolls 70g WEBLON Plus, cut-away backing, iron-coated, in 2 cut sizes 48g CMX, tear-away backing, iron-coated, rolls 70g SMX, tear-away backing, iron-coated, rolls 50g Easy Tear tear-away backing, rolls

201723. July

MADEIRA Garnfabrik App!

Take advantage of our new MADEIRA App now and never miss any of our discount promotions and other great deals! Now for iPhone, Android or Tablet! With the new and free MADEIRA app you now have direct access to the entire range of our online shop. In addition, you have our full product catalog, as well as our current range of color cards, always there and ready to hand. Take advantage of discounts and promotions that are displayed exclusively to you and only through our app! So you always get the latest offers as a push notification, so you will not miss a bargain. Download our app for free from the App Store or the Google Play Store and perform tasks conveniently from home, on the go, or in use from your smartphone or tablet!