The metallic threads for trouble-free embroidery

Metallic threads add shine and glamour to fabrics and accessories but the majority of them also tend to be a bit delicate and difficult to process. Have you ever struggled to work with metallic threads due to thread breaks or time-consuming adjustments? Our newly developed easy-to-use metallic threads CR are ready to help! Their innovative constructions assure the ease of use on multi-head industrial embroidery machines and for decorative sewing. Go for a real metallic look without compromises and shine with CR!

5 advantages of working with CR metallic threads

2 thicknesses to choose from:

CR 40 is easy to use, slides perfectly when using standard needle sizes and has a great running performance at high speeds of 700 to 1000 stitches per minute.

CR 20 offers a bold definition and runs smoothly at speeds up to 850 stitches per minute.

  • Certified according to OEKO-TEX®STANDARD 100, product class I, suitable for baby items.
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • many colours* washable up to 95°C
  • over 40 single colours, including brilliant gold and silver shades
  • outstanding quality at a competitive price.

* check the flyer and shade card for more details

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Madeira CR metallic threads range

The standard weight - CR 40

Green metallic thread cone

The Game Changer. The standard weight with dtex 230 runs exceptionally with needle sizes 75/11 or 65/9. Being a versatile thread which provides a true metallic shine, CR 40 can be used for stylish decorations and branding on textiles and leather. You can choose now from 42 vibrant colours.

dtex 230 / den 210
65/9 - 75/11
Art. No. 978

For depth and volume - CR 20

Golden Metallic embroidery thread cone

NEW! The Opulent. Voluminous thread with dtex 510. Runs smoothly on needle size 90/14 and San®8 FFG 80/12. Being a thicker thread, provides the best results at a higher upper thread tension than CR 40 and a slightly lower machine speed. Ideal for prominent contours and elements in design, large projects, opulent running stitches and shapes definition. Available in 16 colours.

dtex 510 / den 460
80/12/SAN 8 - 90/14
Art. No. 975

For testing and buying the new range of CR threads consult our list to find and contact distributors available in your country. Choose the easy way to effortless, resistant and colourful metallic embroidery.

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The special properties of CR 40 metallic thread

We wanted to give you some handy tips for working with CR 40 metallic threads in this section first, but to be honest: you won't need any. Using CR 40 is just too simple. Discover the properties that make this thread your perfect partner for every metallic embroidery design and get inspired by countless application possibilities.

Construction & quality

CR 40 metallic threads have a polyester core that is covered in soft metallic and polyester foils. This construction makes them particulary soft and because no damaging chemicals were used, they are pleasant to the skin. Go for sustainable quality made in Germany.

Easy usage

Less tangling or shredding, fewer thread breaks at high speed for higher productivity. If you already use Madeira Polyneon threads, there are also no adjustments to the machine settings needed. If you are working with other thread brands, we recommend you set the CR 40 thread tension between 80 and 100 gram-force (gf) or centinewton (cN).

High resistance for many applications

CR is washable with high washing temperatures and is therefore suitable for many applications. It can be used to embroider accessories, shoes or bags, badges and logos for corporate clothing, workwear, uniforms, sport items and functional wear or challenging materials like denim or leather.

Vivid effects

Metallic effects are always great - not just in silver or gold. Get inspired and create eye-catching metallic designs with ease. Now you have 42 colours to choose from, all of them resistant to oxidation.

CR Metallic Look Book 2019

No matter whether you want to embroider powerful messages onto cool streetwear pieces or express your creativity with eccentric fashion designs: there are no limits to your imagination. Be courageous and use CR 40 and CR 20 for workwear and corporate fashion or to get the authentic elegant vintage looks of traditional costumes. Be inspired and get CReative!

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