Quality threads made in Germany

Continuous research, our own quality assurance with two laboratories and a team of external partners for testing and certification guarantee consistent quality "made in Germany" and allow us to meet all the requirements for premium embroidery threads.


Premium quality

With our own test standards, we often exeed the usual industry standards: at Madeira, every production batch is tested for colour fastness, tear resistance and processability before we send a product out to you.

Pollutant-free textiles

Reliable and tested safety: we supply REACH-compliant threads certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® for maximum confidence in textile production.

Quality as corporate culture

For all raw materials used and in every single production step, we carry out strict quality controls and tests. The aim is always to be able to offer our customers consistently high, reliable and reproducible quality.

  • where technically feasible, our threads have consistent colours across batches
  • constant thread tension during the winding process guarantees the reliable behaviour of the thread on the machine
  • all threads are optimised for industrial embroidery machines, run for an extremely long time without thread breakages and provide low-tension, loose, soft embroidery results.

In addition to the regulation of guaranteed washing properties, we carry out individual tests that exceed the requirements of DIN and ISO standards.

OEKO-TEX®-certified embroidery threads

The certification according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is considered one of the most important seals of approval for textiles. Almost all Madeira threads are equipped with this seal. It is subdivided into different product classes. In the highest classification, product class I (suitability for baby items), Madeira offers viscose and polyester as well as cotton mix and metallic threads.


To the OEKO-TEX® certificates

Cutting-edge thread manufacturing technology for outstanding quality

Automated high-performance winding system

Guarantees consistent tension and winding for optimal operation on your machine.

Electronically controlled thread production

Thanks to the latest technology, all our threads are wound and packed completely automatically.

Modern LOGIMAT® storage lifts for efficient logistics

Space saving, fast and efficient. Two LOGIMAT® storage lifts automatically manage over 1000 workstations with 1500 different items

Quality Assurance & Dyeing

We check every step - from the raw material to the end product. Two internal laboratories and external partners ensure top quality.

Modern machinery - one of the most environmentally friendly thread dyeworks worldwide

With modern technology, Madeira makes a contribution to quality and environmental protection, for example with water-saving dyeing kiers.

High-bay warehouse with over 6500 warehouse items

In addition to the storage lifts, we ensure the permanent availability of more than 6,500 items with a large, high-bay warehouse