202024. November

We spead joy!

It has been a challenging year, but joy hasn't been cancelled! Celebrate with these four Christmas designs that are our gift to you and your customers. You can use them as you please, for both private or commercial purposes.

202023. November

Discover the new fusible backings

To make embroidering possible on fabrics that cannot be framed without distortion, we offer tear-away and cut-away backings that allow stabilising before, during and after framing.

202020. November

Discover the new needles webpage

Have you ever struggled to find the right needle for your projects? We have created a useful guide to help you choose, with tips and information to allow you to achieve the desired results.

201915. April

THE METALLIC THREADS for trouble-free embroidery

Our newly developed game changer, the easy-to-use metallic thread CR, is ready to help!