Bobbin threads for industrial machine embroidery

They may only be visible on the reverse side, but they are of tremendous importance. Roughly speaking, you always need at least half of the length of the top thread for the matching bobbin thread. The two work together to produce the embroidery; therefore you should take care to complement the quality top threads with the corresponding bobbins.


The importance of bobbin threads for embroidery

The bobbin threads affect the productivity during manufacturing and the beauty and resistance of the result. It is very important to set the tension of all threads you are using correctly and efficiently. This will ensure that the bobbin threads do not show on the front side and will reduce the risk of breaking or looping. When used for garments, the bobbin threads come into contact with the skin and they should feel soft and be safe. They should also have the proper resistance to the treatments the final product will need to withstand during wearing or cleaning. Madeira offers many versions of polyester bobbin threads that are washable at 95°C and certified by Oeko-Tex class I.


Self-winding bobbin threads or pre-wound bobbins?

The choice between the two options is really a matter of preference or habit. There are arguments in favour of each: for both the ready-to-use bobbins and for winding them yourself. You only need to test and decide which is the most convenient for each of your projects.


Ready-made for convenience and perfection

Pre-wound bobbins are suitable for a wide range of embroidery machines, but you should first ensure that they fit and will perform on yours. You will benefit from their usage in terms of speed, planning and convenience. All you need to do is to place them in the bobbin case and then you are ready to start. A constant tension and quantity of thread ensure that you won't need to interrupt your work for adjustments and you can better plan the frequency of replacements. A perfect consistency in tension is provided by magnetic bobbins.


Cones for flexibility and economy

There are various thicknesses of threads on cones that can be used for self-winding. These offer an economical solution at the cost of additional time, tools and work. Often the tension is not as stable as for the pre-wound bobbins and the quantity varies each time and is smaller. The result is less accurate and the bobbins might need to be changed more often. For multi-head machines, this also means more interruptions at different moments. With fine bobbin threads, one can fit a larger quantity onto a bobbin, while the large cones will save more money and will last longer.


Pre-wound bobbins

Royal Pre-wound

[Translate to Englisch IND:] Madeira Royal underthread bobbins

Versatile, paper-sided pre-wound bobbins, particularly beneficial for multi-head embroidery machines. Fast, ready to use and convenient. The constant thread quantity and tension in each bobbin helps with production planning, as replacements of multiple bobbin threads at the same time and without wastage becomes possible. Packs of 144 pieces with 120 m spools in white or black.

Art. No.307
black 113m / white 123m
dtex 75 x 2 / den 70 x 2

Magnetic Sided Bobbins

[Translate to Englisch IND:] magnetic sided underthread bobbins

For a constant thread tension and quick replacement. The magnetic side adheres to the bobbin case, ensuring placement in the right position and smooth movement during embroidery. Magnetic-sided bobbins allow increased stitch production, reduce thread breaks and prevent looping. Place the bobbin in the case with the magnetic side down. Packs of 144 spools, with 123 m in white or 113 m in black.

Art. No.308
black 113m / white 123m
dtex 75 x 2 / den 70 x 2

Magnetic core - Magna Glide

Premium pre-wound bobbins with a magnetic core. Standard bobbins could start to vibrate in the bobbin case as they become lighter through usage, which might cause overspin and backlash. The magnetic core of Magna Glide keeps the bobbin stable within the case and ensures amazingly constant tension until the end. Packs of 100 spools, with 123 m in white or 118 m in black.

Art. No.317
black 123m / white 135m
dtex 75x2 / den 70x2

Cones for self-winding

Lyocell underthread - Sensa Green Bobbin

To manufacture this 2-ply eco-friendly underthread, we sustainably turn trees into threads. The thread's unique softness delights the conscious embroiderer. It is made from 100 % TENCEL™ Lyocell and works perfectly in combination with the colourful Sensa Green top threads.

Art. No. 319
7.500 m
dtex 74 x 2 / den 66 x 2
white (undyed)

TENCEL™ is a trademark of Lenzing AG

Standard - Burmilon 120/2

[Translate to Englisch IND:] standard burmilon 120 underthread cone

A 2-ply, strong, kind to skin and lint-free all-rounder. Works with all top threads, from weight 12 to 60. Because it is fine, a large quantity fits on a bobbin. It has very low shrinkage, meaning that ironing and washing will not deform the embroidery. 7.500 m cones, in white or black.

Art. No.301
dtex 80x2 / den 75x2

Large underthread cones - Bobbin thread no. 150

[Translate to Englisch IND:] large spool of black underthread No.150 cone

A 2-ply, slightly heavier weight and economic bobbin thread. Available on very large cones of 15.000 m, it will last for a long time. This thread for self-winding will save you both cost and time. It works on many types of fabrics and can be ordered in white or black.

Art. No.315
dtex 110x2 / den 100x2

Fine underthread - Burmilon 200

[Translate to Englisch IND:] Burmilon 200 very fine underthread cone

This 1-ply fine bobbin thread offers the advantage of a lower frequency of spool changes by fitting a larger quantity onto each bobbin. It is suitable for all types of fabrics and is a highly productive choice. Available in white and black on 7.500 m cones.

Art. No.305
dtex 150x1 / den 135x1

Very fine underthread – Burmilon 300

Burmilon 300 is the thinnest and strongest Madeira underthread. Made of polyester filament, it is uniform, lint-free and does not cause clogging. A larger quantity can be wound on the spool and many stitches can be embroidered before the bobbin needs to be changed. Its fineness makes the back of the embroidery flat and soft.

dtex 55x2 / den 50x2

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