Embroidery threads as technical problem solvers

Garments often have functional requirements they need to fulfil in the desired application, such as being fire retardant or conductive. If you want to create complex textile circuitry, you can use many of our viscose or polyester threads for insulation. For fire retardant applications, we offer Polyneon FR. It allows the embroidered textiles to be certified for such purposes and recently has also been successfully tested according to DIN EN ISO 11612 D & E. Now you have the additional guarantee that it is safe to use for protective clothing in foundries and other places where molten metals such as liquid aluminium or iron are processed.


Fire-retardant embroidery thread

PolyneonFR is an innovative, flame-retardant thread for embroidering logos or letters onto hardly flammable textiles such as workwear, construction wear, curtains, car seats or wherever effective fire-retardant properties are required.

  • dtex 135x2 thread on 2500 m cones
  • available in 30 plain and 4 fluorescent colours
  • for 60/8 - 75/11 needles
  • optimised for use on industrial embroidery machines

It is compliant with many regulations (DIN EN ISO 11611, DIN EN ISO 14116, DIN 4102 Part 1 - B1, DIN EN ISO 11612 D&E) and is certified with STANDARD 100 product class I by OEKO-TEX®. Polyneon FR was recently tested for ISO 11612, a norm that sets standards for certain types of protective textiles for workers who are exposed to heat, flames or molten metals. When embroidered, Polyneon FR proved to be a reliable polyester thread during testing for enduring splashes produced by molten aluminium (score D3) and molten iron (test score E3).

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Insulating with viscose and polyester embroidery thread

For applications needing insulation and antistatic properties you may use any Classic 40, 30 or 12 thread. Where antistatic is no matter but you are looking for fast drying and lowest water absorption we recommend Polyneon 40 or Polyneon FR when additionally flame retardancy is needed.  

  • choose from 5 types of threads with different strengths
  • more than 500 colours available to design electrical circuitry
  • all threads optimised for use on industrial embroidery machines

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