Burmilana machine embroidery thread for hand-crafted looks

For unlimited creativity for your hand-crafted look, vintage or volume embroidery designs, we offer a smooth-running wool or cotton machine embroidery thread. Depending on the type of application and the desired result, Burmilana is available in a wool-acrylic or a cotton-acrylic mixture. It is particularly suitable for knitwear, chenille, loop pile or chain stitch embroideries, as well as fashion and street wear embroideries.

Wool and cotton threads for professional embroidery machines

  • product optimised for high-speed multi-needle embroidery machines
  • 200+ up-to-date colours, from vibrant to soft country tones for outstanding effects
  • 1000 m professional embroidery cones
  • thick texture with dtex 330 x 2
  • affordable exclusivity with fewer stitches

Wool thread - Burmilana 12

Red wool embroidery thread cone detail

Finely spun wool-acrylic embroidery thread for high-speed computerised embroidery, overlocking and decorative stitching. Strong and thick thread (330 dtex x 2) that fills designs quickly.

dtex 330x2 / den 300x2
Art. No. 813

Cotton thread - Burmilana CO

Blue cotton embroidery thread cone detail

Very soft and cool-feel cotton-acrylic thread, perfectly suitable for decorative seams, chenille stitch or chain stitch embroidery. OEKO-TEX®STANDARD 100, class I (Baby-Standard) compliant.

dtex 330x2 / den 300x2
Art. No. 816



This digital version of our Burmilana shade cardis for guidance. It provides an overview of the available colours, set-ups and threads.

Click here to find a local dealer for ordering the shade card with thread samples.

How to stitch wool & cotton style embroidery threads

Caring for your soft thread embroideries

All our wool and cotton style threads can be washed at up to 40°C, cleaned chemically and ironed. Due to their delicate structure, they are not suitable for use in dryers or with bleaching agents.

How to digitise for wool & cotton threads

Please inform the digitiser about the thickness of Burmilana and Burmilana CO thread, which is a number 12 thread with dtex 330x2 / den 300 x2. With this information, he or she can adapt existing designs for other thread strengths or build the design correctly from scratch.

Professional needles for professional threads

We recommend NM 100/16 size embroidery machine needles, letting thicker threads pass more easily. For knitwear, sweatshirts and similar fabrics, a light ballpoint needle such as RG or FG is a good choice.

How to set up your machine for thick embroidery threads

We recommend reducing the machine speed compared to your normal viscose or polyester thread settings. Our quality department has run many tests providing beautiful results with 600-700 stitches per minute. Consider not setting the thread tension too low to guarantee smooth unwinding from the cones.