Brilliant metallic effects for golden moments

Special moments worth celebrating with FS premium metallic threads. And because each of them is special, you have a wide range of types, thicknesses and colours at your disposal, all of which offer a rich brilliance and are carefully designed to add luxurious glamour to textiles. The metallic effects can be used as a radiant and delicate design element, as well as for powerful and striking statements. Besides fashion creations, they are often applied to military, carnival, corporate, holiday or religious items. FS threads are constructed to ensure efficient production with industrial embroidery and sewing machines. Here you will find out how they can help you to create sophisticated and surprising embellishments with an eye-catching shine.

FS 40 for a wide spectrum of applications

FS 40 : distinguishably bright and soft

This thread offers an unrivalled shine and feel due its particular structure and the pure silver it contains. It is crafted meticulously in a traditional way and contains a paper that ensures the smooth affixation of the metallised foil to the core. 

An all-rounder in standard weight for machine embroidery. Discover more about FS 40, a special metallic thread that can be relied on for high performance.

Specialist metallic threads

Aside from FS 40, there are a variety of solutions in the range to bring projects to life without compromises.

For example, for denim and leather, which often require resistant threads, you will benefit from FS 30, a hard-wearing thread for embroidery.

For precision work, choose FS 50. For more elegance and softness, try FS 20. 

You can use them to add sparkle to stylish and modern garments, interior decoration, promotional items or children's wear.

FS premium metallic threads for embroidery and decorative sewing

The standard weight for masterpieces - FS 40

Copper Metallic thread cone detail

The High Performer. A regular-size metallic thread with a long history in the market. The silver foils and a special twist construction inspired by the Japanese style ensure high-speed, trouble-free stitching on machine embroidery, as well as smoothness and high quality in 21 colours. It is suitable for various applications and fabrics.

dtex 220 / den 200
5.000m / 1.000m
65/9 - 75/11
Art. No. 986 / 985

Thicker thread with superior resistance - FS 30

Silver Metallic thread cone detail

The Hard-wearer. An innovative twist and a protective double layer guarantee maximum resistance to abrasion and high colour fastness in the 20 available metallic shades. It withstands chlorine and bleach, harsh laundering up to 95°C and stone wash. Ideal for denim or leather, or for sports, outdoor, hotel and catering goods.

dtex 320 / den 290
5.000m / 2.500m
90/14 - 80/12
Art. No. 980 / 979

Very thin, for details down to 4 mm - FS 50

 Silver metallic embroidery thread cone detail

The Fine Liner. A smooth metallic thread that gives the possibility of obtaining clear and vivid machine embroidered details. Contains pure silver foils in its structure. Especially suitable for sharp contours, small letters, filigree, fine monograms and delicate fabrics. The best choice for extra clarity in 8 shades of silver and gold.

dtex 150 / den 135
5.000m / 1.000m
65/9 - 75/11
Art. No. 988 / 987

Special effect soft metallic thread - FS 20

Metallic embroidery thread cone detail

Soft Comfort. A voluminous thread that is particularly comfortable next to the skin. It is produced from a rayon core that stays visible while gently wrapped by a fine metallised polyester foil. This construction provides a colour blend effect that is available in 26 versions. Recommended for outlining in fashion, children's wear, home textiles, shoes or branded promotional products.

dtex 360 / den 320
100g / 20g
Art. No. 974 / 981

Tips and tricks for embroidering with metallic threads

FS threads work smoothly on embroidery machines and offer an excellent shine. However, the metallic brilliance is given by their special structures and paying special attention to certain details allows you to get the best results every time. Discover how straightforward and uncomplicated is to embroider with these metallic top threads, together with your usual polyester, lint-free bobbin threads.


Premium materials guarantee quality results

The raw materials and their construction determine both the behaviour of the metallic threads during machine embroidery and the look of the final result and the resistance over time. FS metallic threads are of premium quality and will save you time and frustration, assuring high productivity and an appealing, long-lasting appearance.


Keep your embroidery machine fit

The metallic wraps that many speciality threads contain might give them a slightly rougher feel than regular ones. Keep your equipment in a good running condition, the bobbin case clean and avoid rough edges along the thread guides. If you work with spools, place them so that they run in a clockwise direction. To assure gentle unwinding, you could use a cone net or a spool top.


Design with care

When you digitise your design, consider the type and thickness of the threads that will be used for each element. To avoid a thick and heavy appearance, pay attention to the length of the stitches and the distance between them and avoid layering too many stitches over each other or having too many in one place.

Free choice of fabrics

Working on various materials is possible with the right choice of thread and a stabiliser that best suits the base's thickness and structure. Therefore, the FS range offers many options to choose from, including hard-wearing metallic thread versions for embroidering or sewing onto more demanding materials such as denim or leather.

Pay attention to the needle

A new and undamaged needle helps reduce the risk of shredding. Look into the specifications for the thread and fabric before choosing a needle size, eye shape or type. An incorrect one might damage the thread, especially when embroidering at high speeds. When working on very fine fabrics with effect or thick metallic threads (e.g. FS 30), use a SAN®8 thin needle with an elongated eye.

Tension and speed

With MADEIRA FS metallic threads, the adjustments are minimal and you can embroider at high speeds. For example, FS 40 runs well with a speed of up to 900 stitches per minute. To reduce friction, a slightly lower top thread tension than for rayon or polyester threads might be sometimes required. However, too low a tension might cause the thread to loop, so run some tests first to find the right one for your project.

You can download this multilingual document with tips and tricks that will guide you further in working with metallic threads trouble-free. It is available in German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Romanian and Turkish.

How to work with metallic threads guide

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