Classic | High-quality rayon viscose threads for industrial embroidery machines

Rayon threads, manufactured from viscose filaments, are renowned mainly for their silk-like appearance and their soft sheen in the light. Viscose owes its name to its composition from a viscous organic solution usually produced from wood pulp. The quality of the raw materials and the processing technologies; determine that you, as an embroiderer, benefit from an efficient, highly productive thread and long-lasting brilliant colours.

In this section, you will discover when and why it is suitable to use Classic, Madeira's world-renowned rayon viscose embroidery threads with a long presence in the embroidery market and listed in all major digitising software.

The benefits of embroidering with rayon viscose threads

The rayon made from viscose has a similar structure to cotton and therefore offers feel and texture resembling those of natural fibres. The threads are soft, smooth, skin-friendly and pleasant to touch. The embroidered elements are shown in brilliant, vivid colours with a beautiful luster. The flexibility of Classic threads allows you to embroider anywhere on the garment, in any direction and using diverse techniques.

From logos, interior textiles, sportswear and corporate fashion, to leather shoes, accessories and jeans, they easily and beautifully create the most intricate designs on all kinds of materials.

Viscose threads are also very gentle on the embroidery machine and run extremely smoothly. Because of the thread’s high lightfastness and resistance to washing temperatures of up to 95°C, the garments can be flexibly cleaned and keep their beauty over time.

Madeira Classic viscose soft threads offer

Madeira's Classic range of threads offers a lot of flexibility during designing: they run smoothly, are productive and versatile, and have an appealing look and feel.

You can choose from 3 thicknesses that were developed to help obtain the best results and performance for any application. Make sure to choose a suitable needle size for each weight and work with a slightly lower thread tension than you would use for most polyester threads.


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CLASSIC 12  - available as long as stocks last.


The standard weight for all purposes - Classic 40

[Translate to Englisch IND:] green viscose thread weight 40

Over 422 shades, from single to ombré and multicolour. This thread has a truly unique softness and brilliance.

Art. No. 910 / 911
5000 m / 1000 m
dtex 135x2 / den 120x2
65/9 - 75/11

Fine thread for clear details, down to 3 mm - Classic 60

[Translate to Englisch IND:] grey viscose thread weight 60

This version of viscose rayon thread is useful in monogramming, logos, contours and also for fine fabrics. In the range, 132 colours are available.

Art. No. 916 / 915
5000 m / 1500 m
dtex 84x2 / den 75x2
60/8 - 65/9

Thicker thread for quick filling and decorative seams - Classic 30

[Translate to Englisch IND:] purple embroidery thread weight 30

A bit thicker than the standard 40, this thread saves production time and stitches. Especially recommended for large designs, children's garments, emphasising details and on heavier fabrics like toweling and upholstery.

Art. No. 921
3000 m
dtex 200x2 / den 180x2

When is it recommended to use rayon viscose upper threads?

When choosing the materials needed for a project you need to consider multiple factors. Special attention must be given also to how these materials fit together for making possible a certain desired look and product life. Further you find out when you should consider using rayon viscose top threads.

Whenever a natural, high-quality look is desired

The embroideries realised with rayon viscose threads have depth, a subtle sheen and seem realistic. Eye-catching shading effects can also be obtained. The stitch direction and type can create light effects and add multidimensionality.

For a soft feel, even in intricate designs

Even when you plan to work with a high stitch count and density, viscose threads will make your embroideries soft, skin-friendly and pleasant to the touch. Their silky and subtle sheen allows the designs to be clear and accurately executed.

For any kind of application

These all-purpose threads can be used for a variety of fashion items, interior design, active wear, shoes, traditional clothes and in many other fields. Furthermore, you can embroider on any fabric, including both fine and delicate ones, and dense or heavy fabrics.

For easy punching and maximum freedom

Rayon threads are a classic in embroidery and allow convenient digitising of any design. The rich range of colours and thicknesses and the versatility of the thread allow you to perform precise industrial embroideries and offer a high degree of flexibility.

For long-lasting designs that don't require bleaching

While the embroideries are easy to clean and their colours remain vivid after multiple washings, one area needs awareness: because cellulose-based materials are used in the production of rayon threads, bleaching has a destructive effect on them.

If you are looking for threads made from natural materials…

Rayon viscose threads are considered to be semi-synthetic, because the raw material is obtained from trees and chemically processed into threads. For the production of Classic, only wood from certified forests is used.

We support the conscious way, so we have certified Classic 40 with Annex 6

Madeira Classic products conform to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 which guarantees their safety for humans. Because they are carefully produced and safe even for babies and toddlers they are certified with the product class I.

But why also Annex 6? For the earth.

This optional addition was developed mainly for companies that are particularly focused on the Detox Campaign. This campaign aims to improve environmental performance during production across the textile industry. In comparison with the regular Annex 4, it includes expanded criteria which tighten the limit values for various substances.

Have a special request?

We are dyeing rayon viscose threads in Madeira's factories which are ISO 9001-2015 certified. Sustainable technologies, strict quality control and colours consistency are assured.

Also, we dye custom colours to order, based on the specific needs of your project. If you have such a request, please contact our customer service for information about the minimum quantities and delivery terms.

Rayon Viscose thread assortments

The assortments give you the possibility to have your own complete collection of mini cones, so that you are flexible, quick and always resourceful in your choices. Additionally, the different types of sets will provide you with a selection of threads and accessories for specific projects and requirements. Have a look and discover what suits you best.


Complete assortments

Two of the thicknesses of Classic rayon viscose machine embroidery threads are also available as assortments: all 387 single shades of the standard weight 40 in 3 stackable wood boxes with drawers; all 85 shades of the fine threads Classic 60 in an easy-to-transport plastic box.

Starter sets

There are three sets that have been developed for your sampling needs, but are also helpful for beginners to get started. Depending on the size (maxi, big or mini), the sets include some of these products: a selection of threads, shadecard, bobbins, needles, bobbin threads.

Colour family sets

These colour family sets provide a wide range of shades that will help you and your customers to make decisions easily, safely and quickly. You can choose the nuances of the colours you use the most, or create your complete collection with the 10-colour family sets and 1 multicolour version.

Find your thread assortment

Interested in Madeira sampling tools, assortments or sets? Here you can find an overview of all the versions available.

Get in touch with your local partner for orders and more information.

Overview: Madeira sampling tools, assortments and sets

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