Intelligent threads for smart textiles

They might look just like ordinary threads, but their powers go beyond. Our technical thread portfolio is engineered for progress. It contains threads that are highly electrically conductive, antistatic, flame and heat resistant and flame retardant. The field of technical applications for threads is permanently growing, requiring intelligent products at the interface between textiles and electrical engineering. MADEIRA is offering a range of safe, sustainable and high-quality technical yarns offering high performance at competitive prices. They are optimised for use on industrial embroidery machines but are also suitable for other forms of affixation.


Get inspired and connect with technical embroidery

All you need for electrical engineering is reliable components. Embroidery thread is light, flexible and can be highly conductive, antistatic, insulating, antimicrobial or anti-perspirant. Currently, we offer threads with a resistance of 100 to 600 Ohm/m, which can be reduced or increased during the affixation process according to your needs.

Almost every industry has applications where the use of technical threads can make sense. In particular, Madeira threads are used for textile circuitry, sensors or actuators in microelectronics, health care, sports, automotive, workwear and fashion. What is more, embroidered circuitry is the only technology you can apply once the garment is manufactured, and you're completely free in the circuit geometry.

High-tech fashion

Fashion today is much more than just good looks. Smart textiles interact with the environment and connect with it. With intelligent conductive threads, the future of garments changing their colour or making music is already happening now.


Workwear goes smart

Security is particularly important in workwear, where innovative threads open up new scopes: from heat alert functions to Wi-Fi receivers or illuminated signage, make your workwear smart.


Industrial applications

The most successful innovations are game changers. After composites replacing metal and plastics, there is now ultra-lightweight thread to substitute for conventional wiring. Connect with us to learn what we can do for your industry.


Technical threads for industrial embroidery machines