How to stitch with metallic embroidery threads

With their sophisticated shine, metallic threads can enrich many embroidery designs. However, due to their special structure, processing them can be challenging. In this tutorial, we will provide tips on how to process metallic threads for best results.

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Step by step guide: how to embroider with metallic threads

Clean your machine

First, make sure that your machine is in excellent running condition with cleaned thread guides and bobbin case and the right needles for metallic thread.

Change the needle

For metallic threads it is always worth changing the needle if the right size is not in the machine, and ideally use new needles.

Adjust thread tension

Before starting your machine, check that the bobbin and top thread tension is reduced compared to polyester threads. This helps avoid thread breakage and get even results.

Recommended thread tension

Bobbin thread 25 gf / cN
Top thread 80-100 gf / cN

Embroidery fi le and machine speed

For optimal results, use an embroidery program punched for metallic threads with a reduced stitch density, and set the machine speed to 650 - 750 stitches per minute.

Stitch density

Due to their texture, metallic threads run best with designs that are not too dense and do not have sharp angles.

Important information for use

The needle type and size is indicated on the shade card. 
Threading is easier with an enlarged needle eye.
Pay attention to the minimum and maximum stitch length of the thread used.

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