Frosted Matt - for outstanding matte look embroidery and unique designs

Are you looking for something special? Want to stand out of the crowd with your embroidery designs? Then you're in the perfect place here. Frosted Matt is comparable to no other thread. Its cool, truly frosted look makes this matte embroidery thread the ideal choice for eye-catching, decorative and stylish designs. By not reflecting the light - so without any shine - you can enjoy 201 real, plain colours in their natural beauty. And there is now even more to choose from: discover the thicker version, Frosted Matt 30, and the 12 new colours in weight 40!

Lightfast, intense and bleach resistant colours

Produced using exclusive dyeing techniques, Frosted Matt provides intense colours that are lightfast and bleach resistant. Popular across all market sectors from promotional wear and logos to sportswear, functional clothing and fashion. 

  • Available in 201 stunning shades
  • Tested and proven to lightfastness standards in the highest category (grade 6-8)
  • Bleach and chlorine resistant, can be laundered up to 60°C
  • Avant-garde look and distinctive finish
  • True colours - the genuine colour of the thread is reflected 100%

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Thick meets matte - Frosted Matt 30

NEW: Meet a real 30-weight matte embroidery thread for exceptional decorative seams, filling large surfaces, dimensional embroidery and many other uses. 96 plain colours to chose from.

Art. No. 944
dtex 175x2 / den 160x2
60/8 - 75/11

Shape fine details - Frosted Matt 40

[Translate to Hongkong (Englisch):] pink coloured cone of Frosted Matt 40 thread

A great choice for fine lettering, small details and designs and distortion-free embroidery on delicate fabrics. 201 true colours to choose from.

Art.No. 940 & 942
1.000 & 2.500m
dtex 90x2 / den 80x2
70/10 - 80/12

The only matte embroidery thread in weight 30 - Frosted Matt 30

Thick and voluminous, yet lint-free and easy to process on your machine. Frosted Matt 30 weight thread is made for eye-catching dimensional embroidery designs or to fill large surfaces. You benefit from a higher stitch density, saving you thread when used for fillings or backgrounds. Works well to cover 3D foam or for creating volume with underlay stitches. Suitable for decorative stitching and sewing. Provides outstanding effects on denim, shoes, accessories, street wear, outdoor garments and many more.     

Original fine matte embroidery thread since 2007 - Frosted Matt 40

The original thin dtex 180 version of Frosted Matt looks optically like a 40-weight thread (due to its construction and the fact that it does not reflect light) but can be embroidered like a 55-60 weight thread. The small needles required lead to only small holes in the fabric during embroidery, making it suitable for thin fabrics. Use it for fine lettering, sharp contours, small details, to create contrast in thread-mix designs or just as your creative heart tells you.

Free designs to test Frosted Matt 30

Fill it up

Get your free dst file and try Frosted Matt 30 for creative filling and multidirectional satin stitches.


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Stay in line

This test design for decorative seams shows how easy it can be to create dimensional embroidery with fewer than 2000 stitches.


Try it out

Get on top

Try fine lettering and details with this three-coloured design and see how just a few stitches with Frosted Matt 30 can create outstanding contrast.


Get your design

Tips, tricks and, of course, the brand new Frosted Matt shade card for you

Matte-effect embroidery thread applications

Enlarge the creative scope of your designs with matte-effect highlights, increased contrast by mixing matte thread with standard threads, 3D-like looks or vintage styles. Perfect for small lettering, as the thread's matte surface makes writing clearer and easy to read. A creative jack-of-all-trades.

How to get the best results with Frosted Matt

Frosted Matt is a round, continuous-filament polyester thread with a high colour-pigment density, providing a slightly fluorescent look. That means the thread appears larger than it really is. Always use the smallest needle possible. A thread tension slightly higher than normal polyester is recommended. Stitch density according to dtex values - see product specifications.

True colours make Frosted Matt a unique embroidery thread

Frosted matt has been offering an entirely new embroidery experience for the last 10 years. It's cool but pleasant to the touch, offers a soft feel and a large number of beautiful truly matte colours, helping you to create amazing effects and designs. Inspired by the original colours you might encounter during the Holi festival in India, our developers have created this eye-catching thread with a special filament that absorbs the light instead of reflecting it as its basis. It offers you something unique, stylish, nonconformist and timeless in the world of embroidery: a true and authentic colour experience.