Sustainable business is not only an important component for the value of our brand but is also one of the goals of our company both today and in the future. Thanks to its three axes (recycling, footprint and life cycle), the MadeiraEnviro system ensures resource-saving textile production and added value in purchasing, production, sales, logistics and marketing.


The permanent reduction of the materials used (water, electricity, auxiliaries, chemicals, etc.) is checked in strict energy audits. Wherever possible, Madeira uses raw materials from sustainable production, which are processed into finished products in a resource-saving way.


Water and heat energy in our production are reprocessed. For example, we use energy recovery for climate-neutral thread drying. Dye tubes and other plastics are also returned back into the recycling cycle.

Life cycle

The longer the life of a product, the more efficient the production process becomes and the product is less frequently replaced. Therefore our claim is to always produce robust and particularly durable quality products.

A little better every year: resource-saving textile production

Certified viscose

100% of the raw materials for Madeira viscose threads come from sustainable forestry.

Water management system acquaZERO® by NOSEDA

With our patented dyeing process, we save 60% of water and energy (compared to conventional processes).

Energy recycling

Thanks to our energy transfer and recycling system, 40% of the energy used can be reused.

Permanent investments in sustainability & technology

Over 70% of all threads sold are produced in our main factory in Germany.

Responsible purchasing

Our raw materials are sourced exclusively from approved sources. In production, Madeira also uses the by-products of other companies, such as acids for dyeing.

Highest quality in colour fastness & durability

Smooth running quality threads guarantee short cycle times, little downtime and long-lasting embroidery.

New: Madeira Green

Madeira contributes to greater environmental awareness by offering various supplies to create 100 % responsibly produced embroideries. Our Madeira Green product range includes: Sensa Green and Sensa Green Bobbin – both embroidery threads made of 100 % Lyocell; our recycled polyester threads Polyneon Green and Polyneon Green Bobbin; and E-ZEE Green Cut embroidery backing, made of 100 % recycled plastic bottles.

Learn more about our Madeira Green product range

Soft. Sustainable. Sensational.

The new eco-friendly Sensa Green embroidery threads put the best parts of the nature at your fingertips. They are produced in amazing colours from 100% TENCELTM Lyocell and are feather soft.

All about Sensa Green

TENCEL™ is a trademark of Lenzing AG

The Easy-Going Pen with 100% recycled Madeira threads

Even the most efficient processes create some waste. But as we don’t want to throw away our beautiful embroidery threads, we’ve decided to give them a second life. This second edition of the Madeira thread pen is now 100 % upcycled from Madeira production waste and is ready to serve you for a very long time.

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As a company from a green city like Freiburg, we care about our environment and a pollution-free future. We are therefore making every effort to optimise our sustainable production and to use it every day to make a contribution to nature and climate protection.

In addition to sustainability and environmental protection, quality is our top priority. Our premium threads are pollutant-free, certified according to OEKO-TEX®STANDARD 100, come from ISO-approved processes, are free from APO/ PE plasticisers and thus meet the requirements of many global brands.