Flame protection for uniforms, sportswear and workwear

Firefighters, motorsports people and workers in industries such as gas, oil or chemical work in environments where there is a risk of garment ignition. In these cases, employers have to ensure that their employees are adequately protected by providing flame-resistant clothing. Of course, this protection also applies to any embroidery you may want to add the garment, which is why special threads are available for such applications. When it comes to the protective properties of fabric and thread, we differentiate between fire-resistant and flame-retardant materials. The Fire Fighter range consists of fire-resistant technical embroidery products for professional use.


Fire-resistant embroidery threads keep you safe when things heat up

100% Aramid Fibres

Fire Fighter is made of 100% fire-resistant Aramid fibres containing DuPonts® Nomex® and complies with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. The thread is designed to resist ignition and prevent flames from spreading, as well as to self-extinguish once the source of the fire is removed.

24 colours available

Available in 2 sizes, 2500m industrial cones and 950m MSC (mini snap cones), and 24 colours, permitting you to find the right colour and set-up for many designs, emblems or lettering.

Fire Fighter flame-resistant embroidery supplies

FIRE FIGHTER products are flame and heat resistant, which is indispensable to motor sport clothing, workwear and all kind of protective clothing. FIRE FIGHTER is also suitable for embroidering aeroplane seat cushions and for many other applications where fire-resistant properties are required. "Flame resistant" describes a material inherently resistant to catching fire when exposed to a flame; it does not melt or drip and will self-extinguish without the heat source, therefore preventing the fire from spreading. In contrast, a flame-retardant thread (see Polyneon FR) refers to a material that has been chemically treated to self-extinguish. Please always make sure to select the right thread according to your customer's requirements and the applicable laws and regulations.


Flame-resistant thread - Fire Fighter 40

[Translate to Hongkong (Englisch):] Flame resistant thread cone detail

100% Aramid thread with dtex 130x2, available as a 2500m cone or 950m mini cone in 24 colours.

Art. No. 929
2.500m / 950m
dtex 130x2 / den 120x2
75/11 - 80/12

Aramid bobbin thread - Fire Fighter

[Translate to Hongkong (Englisch):] Black and white aramid bobbin thread cones

Bobbin thread in a black or white 10 x 5000m cone for self winding.

Art. No. 923
5.000m / 1.500m
dtex 130x2 / den 120x2

Aramid fibre backing - EZEE Fire Fighter

[Translate to Hongkong (Englisch):] Aramid fibre embroidery backing EZEE Fire Fighter

55g/m² backing for embroideries, available as a 50m x 20 cm or 50m x 100 cm roll (50% aramid, 50% melamine resin)

Tip 1

When using flame-resistant threads, don't forget to ensure that the bobbin thread and backings are also heat resistant.

Tip 2

Wash Fire Fighter products up to 60°C. Bleaching (max 20g/l - max. 30°C - max. 30min) is allowed, as well as tumble drying at a low temperature, ironing at a high temperature and gentle cleaning with PCE.

Security advice for Fire Fighter flame resistant threads

Always make sure that stitching the fabric is permitted as its properties might be damaged by the embroidery. Beware of home testing as if you take a single strand of Fire Fighter thread from the cone and ignite it, the lubrication coating will burn off or carbonise very quickly. However, when in the form of surface embroidery, it will not ignite, melt or drip due to the Aramid content, providing ultimate protection for the wearer.