A tear-away is the backing of choice for most embroiderers using stable fabrics. Tear-away material makes removing excess backing faster, cheaper, and safer than using backing that needs to be cut with scissors. We offer tear-away backings made of viscose, polyester, cotton and material mixes, allowing you to select with regard to your individual requirements.  All our tear-aways have short fibres, making them easily torn in any direction. New in the range are CMX and SMX fusible tear-aways, which are suitable for lighter and medium-heavy woven fabrics, such as business shirts, silk or acetate.

PREMIUM TEAR-AWAYS - carefree embroidery

Our comprehensive choice of easy-to-use premium quality tear-away backings offers you a great user experience and makes your embroidery process fast and safe. All backings are Oeko-Tex 100 compliant and now available for traditional hooping as well as ironing.

  • CMX tear-away backings made of cellulose, polyester and viscose in 35, 50 or 75 g
  • NEW CMX tear-away fusible 48 g with dot coating material protection technology
  • NEW Easy-tear 50 g for small size embroideries on light and medium-weight woven fabrics
  • Cap tear-away 100% polyester as 76 g roll or pre-cut pieces of 10 x 30 cm, the companion for all caps

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STANDARD TEAR-AWAYS - daily convenience

Standard tear-aways are a good choice for your everyday embroidery with normal requirements in terms of stabilisation and comfort. They can be used for stable and heavy fabrics as well as for caps.

  • NEW SMX 70g white with Oeko-TEX 100 fusible for stretchy wovens such as functional workwear and emblems
  • SMX Polyester, PVA, Viscose mix in 32, 42 or 50 g. An all-rounder for most woven fabrics and caps
  • Stick-On and Stick-On light 100% self-adhesive viscose tear-away for difficult-to-access placements
  • Squares 100% viscose 20 x 20 cm in 40 g/m² are available in black and white.

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BASIC TEAR-AWAYS - for quick and easy embroidery

Cotton Soft is a good choice when price is your most important criteria. This 100% cotton tear-away is your value solution for knitwear and different types of woven fabrics.Available as a 50, 60 or 80 g roll and small roll packages (6 rolls of 50m x 30 cm)

Cotton soft fusible 50 g rolls - sale as long as stock lasts